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PAC Matrix

AGL Photometric Tester
(Airfield Ground Lighting)

The PAC Matrix is an AGL Photometric Tester that measures the photometric performance of aeronautical ground lighting in workshop or on airport site.


It measures both inset & elevated light sources and provides the results of the average intensity of the main beam according to the requirements specified by the ICAO.

The PAC Matrix can be used by one single operator.




Hand Portable & User-friendly


The device provides as a result the real values obtained from the light intensity being measured by collecting the lux values from a certain numbers of sensors.

Then the software provides the average value in candela for the sensors situated in the main beam area of the fitting.

The average value of the luminous intensity within actual angles will be provided for each AGL light and those values will be kept in the database of the system.


  •  Elevated or Inset approach
  •  Elevated or Inset threshold
  •  Elevated or Inset Runway End
  •   Runway centreline
  •  Runway elevated and inset edge
  • TDZ
  •  Taxiway centreline and curves
  •  Stop-bars