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Discover our products from Photometric measurement to lights cleaning systems or retro reflective markers. All those are compliants with ICAO, FAA, STAC standards and recommendations and working under all weather conditions.

Plane landing with an orange sunset in the background and airfield lights

AGL Photometry systems

High quality & innovative photometry systems matching all needs for airports, civil aviation & contractors

Commercial aircraft on a airfield runway

AGL Maintenance systems

Easy to use and effective cleaning systems allowing gain of time for AGL maintenance operations

Front shot of an aircraft with a yellow line taxiway and blue sky

Retro reflective markers

Highly visible in all weather condition, our products provide a long-term performance considerably reducing life-cycle costs for airports

Our references around the world

130 systems used worldwide by airports, Civil Aviation & contractors in more than 250 airports

Our clients are in France, Singapore, USA, India, UAE, Hong-Kong, Portugal, Morocco, UK …

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