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Manual torque of AGL control

Smart manual fastening system for tightening processes


 m-TAC is the ultimate tool for manual control of the torque value of each screw and bolt tightening the inset fittings on their respective shallow base. 

Measurement is done manually using the torque wrench. Each result will be stored in the airport database of AGL fittings. The torque wrench has an extension rod of 1 meter so that operator can undertake the measurement while standing.

Results are sent from the torque wrench to the laptop, computer or tablet using WiFi.

High process reliability

Highly productive

Detailed tightening information immediately available

Intuitive interface


Combined with one optional differential GPS, the position of the operators on the runways and taxiways is known at +/- 1meter.

If one optional D-GPS – Real  Time Kinetics, the position of the operator will be accurately known at few centimeters precision. There is therefore no requirement for installation of RFID tags near each fittings.


The digital torque wrench is calibrated in accordance with ISO 6789:2003 and is supplied with a fully traceable calibration certificate. A PC based data management software is provided with the tool including features like SPC, export options and USB adaptator for WiFi communication.

Values such as Cpk and standard deviation can be determined with visual representations of torque results reated to offer comprehensive analysis of torque performance.