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Photometric airfield calibration

The innovation in Mobile Light Measurement of Airfield Lighting Photometry System


Optimize maintenance works & stocks

This mobile system evaluates all inset and elevated lights and generates reports with candela value of each light identifying any defect requiring action to be taken. It also makes it possible to monitor lamp ageing from previous runs so that all the results for a runway or taxiway can be compared.

This enables the airfield lighting department to plan its operations and manage its stocks as efficiently as possible. If the lamp is not defective, although the system indicates a low intensity, the identification facility guides the search and thus optimizes maintenance operations.

Time saving

Reduce measurement time by 50%

Reduce waiting time

Less waiting time for ATC clearance

For all types of lights

Runway edge, runway, taxiway centerline

Installed on any vehicle

Installed by our team

Certified by French Civil Aviation Technical Services (STAC) and Italian Civil Aviation Athority (ENAC)


PAC² V5 lowers operation costs by easily identifying the airfield lighting maintenance activity, anticipating and coordinating actions of different services.


PAC² V5 is installed on the front or at the back of any type of vehicle. Airfield Lighting Photometry measurements are made in real time as the vehicle travels over the lights at a speed up to 60km/h.

The luminous intensity detected by the sensors placed in front of the sensors strip is fed to input/output modules that are connected in a LAN to a programmable logical controller installed in a separate box fixed on the side of the sensors strip.

THE PLC allows for industrial grade data collection. Then the data are sent via Wifi or via Ethernet cable to a laptop or a tablet operated by the users inside the vehicle. Up to 65 000 samples can be recorded for each light fitting with no limitation of number of fittings.


We provide on site installation, training and commissionning sessions.