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At FB Technology, we focus our efforts to provide our clients with the best quality service level of the market. That is why, we accompany you all along your AGL operations cycle.

AGL Photometry Measurement

All airports’ AGL systems have to be compliant with the ICAO standards.
Photometry should be done at least every 6 months or more according to the air traffic (ICAO) and 1 month (FAA) to comply with the authorities’ requirements.

Since 1993, FB Technology is the main partner of international airports and civil authorities, provide them with products and service of photometry measurement.

Being the worldwide leader in photometry testing, FB Technology uses its home developed equipments to conduct measurements. Very detailed report is handed-out to our clients and explained by our experts.

FB Technology can also undertake the actions that need to be done to achieve conformity.

  •   Reduce risks: Make your airport fully compliant and prove compliance with the standards and recommendations of all regulatory authorities in terms of maintenance practices and airfield lighting operation.
  •   Effectively identify maintenance priorities
  •   Significantly improve performance: Extensive studies on a range of major international airports have proven that FB Technology consulting services enable airports to optimize AGL operations performance and to minimize costs.
  •   Reduce costs: Effectively target necessary works and maximize runway avaibility.

Technical Support

FB Technology provide all its clients with a remote support via telephone or email to help & prepare operators with AGL measurements of their airports.

On-site Training

At FB Technology, we provide comprehensive trainings for all systems acquisition. We help our clients with dedicated on-site trainings for operators to use our photometric products. This will allow efficient photometry measurement and good understanding of the results.


With FB Technology, your teams will also benefit from best practice sharing and advice.