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Worskshop photometry controller

PAC Lab II is an associate product of PAC² V5 system (Photometric Airfield Calibration).


Based on mobile measurement of the airfield fittings, lights that are not compliant need to be repaired and verified before installing them back on site. For this purpose, a workshop photometry control unit is necessary.

 FB Technology has therefore developed the PAC Lab II system as the complementary device of the PAC² V5. Installed in the airport workshop, the system provides fast measurements of the light output of the fitting and compares it with the ICAO specifications. The measurement is completed in few seconds and the software gives a detailed report sheet of the performances of the fitting. Light beams are measured automatically, even bi-directional fittings.

Time saving

Reliable & precise

Instant reporting

User-friendly process

All type of lights


  •  Average light intensity value in candela
  •  Maximum and minimum values in candela found in the light beam
  •  Position of maximum and minimum points in V° and H°
  •  Iso-candela diagram of the light beam providing ICAO grid points
  •  Compliance to ICAO and to airport maintenance levels (Pass or Fail)


The light fittings are positioned on a rotating plate and bi-directional fittings are automatically measured both sides in just few seconds.