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Airfield Lighting Cleaning Equipment

This Airfield Lighting Cleaning solution is designed for airports wishing to use safe and advanced equipment for cleaning their inset & elevated lights with the greatest efficiency and under all weather conditions. It uses pressurized soda bicarbonate powder.

Greatest efficiency

Complete removal of all kind of dust

All weather conditions

Whether it rains or snow, it keeps the same efficiency

Safe equipment

Advanced technology to maximize the staff safety

All type of lights

Usable for both inset & elevated lights

SoDICE meets your needs.

This system developped by FB Technology is at the top of innovation. It ensures few deposits, no fauna development, no damage caused to the prism.
It is also an environmental friendly system working with pressurized soda bicarbonate powder or vegeral powder.


SoDice can be installed in a vehicle or on a trailer allowing for rapid intervention.

At FB Technology we understand the runway avaibility challenge. As a result, our Airfield Lighting Cleaning model is designed to give a great flexibility while its speed allows operations between aircraft movements.

For instance, it only takes few seconds per lights to perform an efficient cleaning of the airfield light prism.


  • Rubber from aircraft tyres
  • Calcium deposits
  • Glycol
  • Spray or splashing of paint from ground markings
  • Salt