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Smart robot for airfield maintenance

MARC One is a revolutionary robotic platform. It automatically measures AGL photometry & checks for compliance.


It also checks if the torque to secure the bolts of the inset light fixtures has been applied correctly and can perform cleaning of AGL lights or Isolux curves of Airport Aprons. Let the robot do all the repetitive & time consuming tasks to allow the staff to better use their time on high-level tasks such as supervision & management. All airports requiring intensive AGL maintenance will greatly benefit from MARC One by reducing corrective maintenance.

With MARC One, AGL maintenance becomes easier, more efficient and cost effective.

Gain time

Maximize runway avaibility

Save money

Reduce maintenance costs

Secure the traffic

Better precision & reliability

Optimize staff

Keep the repetitive & time consuming tasks for MARC One

The context

  • Airport technical teams have less and less time to perform routine or corrective maintenance
  • Manual light measurement do not provide the greatest efficiency
  • Cleaning & verifying the screw of runways take maintenance teams a lot of time & disturb aircraft traffic

AGL photometry measurement

MARC One easily measure the photometry of all type of lights and checks for compliance.

Its be-directional sensor strips will reduce measurement time by 50% reducing waiting time for ATC clearance.

AGL Maintenance

The robot will check if the torque to secure the bolts of the inset lights has been applied correctly. It will also clean AGL lights & isolux curves of airport aprons.

This FB Technology innovation will bring more reliability & better precision to your AGL maintenance operations.