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Portable PAPI lights measurement & alignement system

Use PACπ for the PAPI lights measurement and get a report to compare the actual results with the requirements specified in Appendix 2 of Annex 14, 5th edition July 2009, of ICAO.
Using a high resolution camera, a spectro-photometer and lux sensors, PAC
π provides all necessary information related to the aiming angles, the transition, the chromaticity and the iso-candela diagram of the light beam. 

High accuracy & precision

Time saving

Only 1 hour to measure an entire PAPI bar

Night & day operations

Easy to use & manipulate


  • Automatic mode and procedure
  • Instant dialog to provide the operator with the correction for a precise alignment
  • Using a database system to manage and record data used and collected during the measurement session
  • Night & day operations
  • Measurement of the entire PAPI wing bar in less than 1 hour


  • Status & alignment of lenses
  • Status & alignment of the unit
  • Collimation in elevation & azimuth with the adjacent beam(s)
  • Alignment of the red filter
  • Transition width
  • PAPI lights measurement hotometric measurements of the PAPI lights