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Airfield sign photometric & calibration system

The innovation in Airfield Sign Photometric Measurement & Calibration


The airfield signs have to fulfill very precise light output criteria and must comply with ICAO requirements.
That is why PAXign allows to easily, efficiently and very quickly measure lights photometry and checks for compliance.

High accuracy and precision

Enable rapid intervention

Hand portable

Easy to use


  • 10 seconds data acquisition and realtime processing of data
  • Can be used in the field (airside) or in airport workshop
  • Database managing & recording data used and collected during measurement sessions
  • Automatic procedure
  • Night operation for airside


PAXIGN is composed of :

    • A portable calibrated high precision camera for luminance and chromaticity measurements.
    • A 7’’ tablet running a user-friendly software for system operation, data acquisition and report display
    • Data exchange & connection are assured by a USB cable connection


  •  Average luminance of the signs
  •  Ratio between luminance values of adjacent grid points
  •  Chromaticity of the different signs colours
  • Size of printed characters