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PAC Apron

Apron floodlighting measurement

The innovation in Mobile Light Measurement of Airfield Lighting System.


PAC Apron is an embedded lighting measurement system that will allow airport to accurately measure the lux values of the apron floodlighting.

Ensure safety of personnel and equipment on the aircraft parking areas by measuring aprons floodlighting and make sure it matches the ICAO, EASA and EN 12464-2 standards & recommendations.

Easy to use

Mobile System

Portable light-weight system


  • Can be installed on any vehicle
  • Immediate display of results and immediate creation of pdf reports
  • Results include GPS co-ordinates of the measurement on-site
  • Using a database system to manage and record data used and collected during the measurement session


  • 1 – Chose the apron to be measured from the existing airport database
  • 2 – The system generates the course to be followed
  • 3 – The vehicle drives following the computed course while the sensors records the accurate GPS co-ordinates
  • 5 – The display of measured values is provided immediately after the end of the apron measurement as per the requirement of the International Standards
  • 6 – The compliance or non-compliance of the complete floodlighting area is clearly stated based on the obtained results