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Airfield lighting cleaning equipment

DICE is a cleaning system that can be used under all weather conditions to efficiently clean all types of lights (inset or elevated ones). It uses the cryogenic technology by projecting carbon dioxyde ice pellets under pressurized air.

According to the ADEME (French Environmental Agency), this process is an ecological tool in compliance with the current standards.

Safe equipment

Advanced technology to maximize the staff safety

Greatest efficiency

Complete removal of all kind of dust

All weather conditions

Whether it rains or snow, it keeps the same efficiency

All type of lights

Usable for both inset & elevated lights

Why you should use DICE ?

  • The operation causes no damage to the prism and does not pollute the environment, neither attracting nor favouring development of the fauna surrounding the platforms (rodents, birds, etc.)
  • No residuals are left on the runways or taxiways.
  • DICE can be use manually by an operator or installed inside a vehicle.
  • Only 10 seconds per lights to maximize the runway avaiblility.


  • Rubber from aircraft tyres
  • Calcium deposits
  • Glycol
  • Paint spray
  • Salt